Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I'd like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas! I hope it's a great one. We had to spend the day with the relatives but unfortunately my mom has flu so we're stuck at home, just my parents and I. We had a great lunch and just enjoying the day together though. I told you I would be writing about all that's happened in 2008 so here you go. Honestly, I wanna forget about this terrible year because so many sad things happened, starting with Shania & Mutt splitting up after 14 years of marriage and ending with my uncle who had to be operated because they suspected a cancer. The schoolyear went great though and the summer was a good one. I finally met again with Esther and I'm so happy about that, she's a special girl. I was able to spend a week with my friend Eleonora in my house in Abruzzo and we had a great time. I also got through a difficult time since I had some health problems because of stress. These were the main things but of course there have been so many little things in between.
So, after thinking again about this year I so hope next year will be better and happier.

I bet this was my last post for this year since I'll post again on the 1st of January. I'm leaving for Switzerland on Saturday morning and I'll write something from there for the new year.

Love, Rita

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Getting excited

It's almost time, 4 days left and Santa Claus is coming to town! I'm such a little kid because I'm getting really excited and I'm already thinking of spending the day with my whole family. Even though we all live in the same city we don't get to see eachothers very often because of course we're all so busy working, so gotta look forward to big holidays like this to spend some quality time together. I've always loved Christmas time, it makes me feel so happy but at the same time a bit sad because I start thinking about all the good and bad things that happened during the year. I think I'll share with you what's happened to me during this whole year on the next entry.

I still haven't asked anything for Christmas and I won't even ask because I just got so many wonderful things for my birthday that I really feel grateful and satisfied with everything! I know one of my aunties is gonna give me a pretty great gift because I haven't seen her on my birthday and she said she would buy me something for Christmas that I've wanted for a long time, excited to see what that is even though I have an idea ;]

Love, Rita

Friday, December 19, 2008

On holiday

I am now officially on holiday until the 6th of January. I've been on holiday for four days already since I just had flu and I had to stay at home. I'm feeling a bit sad and disappointed now because I had to sing today and I was looking so forward to that, but unfortunately my voice is not back properly and I just can't sing. They all told me not to worry about it and to think about getting better but deep inside I'm a bit sad because I love singing and it's so much fun spending time with all my 'music friends'.

Anyway, there are so many things to look forward to now that I just can't get down! On Monday I'm going out with my auntie and we're going shopping for Christmas, then on Tuesday I'm going out for a movie and for lunch with my best friend since yesterday she turned 18 but I wasn't able to spend the day with her. On Christmas day we're going out for lunch together with our relatives and the day after we're staying at home and I'll prepare my luggage.
That's all for now, wish you all a great day and I'll try and take some pics during the week to show you Rome during Christmas time.

Love, Rita

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finally updating

It's been a while since my last update, and I know I may sound silly but I've been really busy! I'm getting so ready for Christmas time and I can't wait to go to Switzerland with Eleonora, looking so forward to that. There's not much going on in my life lately. I had and still have a very bad cold and probably I won't be able to sing on Friday for the Christmas concert we have at school. I'm so sorry about that but my voice is still not coming back so I guess I have no choice.

I still don't know what I'm gonna do on Christmas but I for sure will be with my relatives and then I'll get ready to leave. Next week I'm going shopping with my best friend, still have to buy some gifts hehe. That's all for now, I'll write soon again, I promise.

Love, Rita


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ehm... sorry

Have been really really busy! I now am having a week off so I thought of letting you know what's happened in the past few weeks. I had a great birthday and got so many great gifts! I have been studying a lot and now I'm enjoying this week off even though I have to study... but at least I can sleep in the morning ;)

Plus, I'm getting really excited because 2009 is getting near! I can't wait for Christmas, it's the best time of the year IMO.

Love, Rita


Saturday, November 08, 2008

Thank you

Very short post to say..

THANKS to all of you for all the sweet birthday wishes. I feel so lucky to know these people, they really made my day. I'm gonna have a party with my friends tonight and I will post everything tomorrow.

Love, Rita


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Time is flying

I can't believe how time is flying, it's really going by so fast. We already are in middle-october and there's not much left till Christmas holidays, only 2 more months. Last week I booked my holidays, I'm gonna spend Christmas with my relatives in my house in the mountains and on the 27th I'm going to Montreux for a week with my friend Eleonora. I can't wait!

There's also another trip to look forward to, and that's the school trip on the 24th of november. After weeks of thinking about it we decided to go to Madrid. It must be a great place and we are sure gonna have a lot of fun.

Love, Rita


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Feeling better

Wanted to let you know that I'm now feeling better. I spent 2 days at home because I also had a bit of flu but now I'm back to school. Time is going by so fast, a month of school is gone already... and I still don't feel like I started school again! I still find it very difficult to concentrate and not think about other things, but that's me... I always start studying seriosly by November... I need those first few months to get serious about it and really focus on it.
I'll write something again in the weekend. I wanna wish you all a great week.

Love, Rita


Monday, October 06, 2008

Busy, busy & busy!

I knew it... as soon as October arrives I catch a cold, I hate it! I had to stay at home today because I also had a bit flu, but nothing serious. Right now I'm taking a small break from my french litterature and I thought of updating you on a few things that will happen this week. Tomorrow it will be a busy day, in the afternoon I'll go get a new pair of high-heeled shoes with a friend of mine and then later I have a check-up. During the weekend I'll start my guitar lessons again and on Sunday I have a 18th birthday party... pretty busy! =]

Love, Rita


Saturday, October 04, 2008

Just wanted to say

Short post just to say that everything is good. This week has been a good one, on wednesday we had a very important day at school since we had to welcome the first class of high school. While we were reading our speech, my mind went back to four years ago when I just began high school. I remember being so excited and so ready to see what life would be like growing up. I thought five years was a long time, but they flew by, and now here I am reaching one of the most important moments in everyone's life.

Love, Rita


Monday, September 29, 2008

My future

I know, it's 9.33 am and I should be at school right now, but this morning I wasn't feeling very well so I decided to stay at home. I'm enjoying my day and keeping busy with homework and TV. Since I have some spare time, I thought it was a good idea to surf the net and start looking out for universities. Until an hour ago I didn't have a clue on where to go, now I do... music. I found a university here in Rome called 'Università della musica' where I can study professionaly and attend also some interesting courses.

They teach you so many amazing things, the history of music, how to interpret lyrics, the sound, how to work in a recording studio and so on. I almost got tears in my eyes when I found this because it's exactly what I'm looking for. It also gives you the chance of taking part in major events to start practicing. Many of you may think it's nothing serious and something you would do just for fun, but you can't even imagine how much study there is behind it and how much it means to me. I'm planning on going there in the next month to get further information about it. I'll let you know about it!

There's also something else I wanted to share with you. We finally decided where we're going for the school trip... we're going to Prague! We still have to decide when and what to do once we're there but it sounds amazing, it must be a beautiful city. It's not even that far, only a 2 hours flight.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Autumn is here

I love this season... it's actually my fav season of the year, because of the beautiful landscapes, the colors of the trees and so on. I don't like the cold weather so actually this is the only thing I don't like about it. Next weekend I'm planning to go with a friend of mine to a beautiful park here in Rome called 'Villa Borghese'. I wanna take some pics of it with the autumn colors.

Image Hosted by

I'm actually pretty busy with school and I find the time to do what I enjoy only during the weekend. If I think about how many months I still have in front of me I get down but at the same time I know they will fly by and soon I'll be out of school. I'm already thinking about my life once I'm done and I don't know what to do yet. My parents will go live in our house in the mountains for most of the year and I think I'll stay in Rome, maybe living with friends and visit them every once in a while. After all we're not far from eachother.

I do wanna think about my future though... that's why next month I'll start looking for universities and see what I like the most. I wanna be sure about what I choose because I don't wanna regret it when it's all done.


Friday, September 19, 2008

- First week

The first week of school is gone and it's been a difficult one. Starting studying again was not easy and stay concentrated was even harder. I did my best and I hope the following weeks will be easier. I'm quite excited today because I finally decided what color my car will be. Here's a pic of it. I can't wait... even though I still have to wait 90 more days before I get it!

Summer is gone I'd say... it's actually pretty cold here, only 15°C during the day. I'm getting ready to wear again my coat. I have to go now, I'll update soon.


Friday, September 12, 2008

- Back to school

Today I started my last year of high school and it felt so great! When I arrived to school everyone was looking at me and my friends because we're now the oldest people there. We had only 3 hours of lesson today and tomorrow only 4 hours... that's because it is still so hot over here! I had to do some homework already so I totally got back to the old life...

But today I'm really happy because a friend of mine came to me during the break and gave me two bottles of Shania Starlight! He went to New York during the summer and since he knows I'm a huge Shania fan he bought them as a present from there. I was sooo happy because I already have the first one and I really wanted to have this one, too. I took a
pic of it if you wanna see it ;)

At school we're already talking about the trip we're gonna have this winter... and there are so many different ideas! Some people wanna go to Paris, others wanna go to Athens and so on... and it is so difficult to choose a place that can be okay for everyone! Plus, being the oldest we are the ones who decide where the school is going this year and we really don't know what to choose.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

- Summer is gone

What a great time I had today at the seaside. The weather was really hot, no clouds and the water was really nice and warm. I never wanted this day to end. Before going to the seaside in the morning I went looking for my car and I finally chose which one I want. It's a Toyota Aygo Sound and it looks really nice. Next week I'm gonna pay for it and in a month I'll have my own car! It feels so great, a brand new car for me only lol

Tomorrow I'm going out with a friend of mine. We're going out for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and then we're gonna have a walk around Rome. We'll really enjoy our day together because we have only 2 more days off. I have a double feeling. I feel like I'm totally ready to start but at the same time I'm not, maybe because I'm lazy when it comes to school...

Well anyway, I will keep you guys updated and soon I'll post some pics I took today and the pics I'll take tomorrow.


Saturday, September 06, 2008

- Tough decision

My birthday is in two months and this year I want to get me a new camera. The one I have is 3 years old but I'll give that to my dad and get a new for me. I don't know what to get, because I want something not too expensive but that makes beautiful pictures, especially on concert. I looked around and asked some friends and there's a camera that's not expensive, really good and that I really like. It is a 'Sony Cyber-Shot DSC W55'. It looks really cute, too as I'm planning to get the pink one. During the next week I'll go ask around about it and if I get good reviews, well this is it.

I can't spend too much on a camera because I'm starting to save up money, but still I wanna get a good one. If you're all wondering what camera I'm talking about, well here and here you can find two pictures of it. Now I have to go, gonna take a quick shower and then I'm gonna get ready to see Italy vs. Cyprus.


Friday, September 05, 2008

- Looking forward to

Well I don't know if you like this new layout but I do lol! It just needed a little change because the previous one wasn't really what I wanted. I don't have many news, except for the fact that I'm enjoying my last week off and trying not to think too much about how difficult this year will be. I sound like I'm complaining but honestly, I'm not. I'm quite excited to start the schoolyear and that's for two reasons. The year that is coming is just full of great things, I'm gonna get a car, I'm gonna travel to Canada, I'm gonna join a band and I'll start working, too. I really feel like I'm not a child anymore and it's such a great/sad feeling. The other reason... well Shania is coming back, do I have to say more?

Tomorrow I'm gonna have lunch with my auntie and then we're gonna spend the rest of the afternoon having long walks around Rome. I still have to get the books for the year so I guess I'll have a stop at the bookshop to see if they're here already. I have to go now, I have to study a bit. Feel free to comment about this new layout and which one you like the most!


Monday, September 01, 2008

- September is here

Unbelievable how time flies! Today it's the first day of September and I have 11 days left until school starts again. Tomorrow I'm going to the seaside with some friends, hopefully it will be sunny. These days I can't stop thinking about Canada, I really wanna go there! I'm planning to go next summer, I wanna go to Toronto and then a few days in Timmins for the fan con. In 2 months I'm gonna have (finally) my passport so I can travel all around the world!

That's all for now, I'm gonna take some pics at the seaside tomorrow if I don't forget to bring my camera with me.


Friday, August 29, 2008

- Back home

I'm back home in Rome, so I can officially say that my summer is over, or better, almost! I have only 2 more weeks left before school starts again. This summer flew by, maybe even more than the other ones. I can't believe I have to get ready to study again until July. This year is my last year of high school and I'll have to study a lot more for my final exams that are in June/July. That also means my summer will start later than usual but it'll be a lot more great since I'll be out of school forever! Wow, it feels so weird to say forever... but that's true, I won't go to school anymore. I don't know what I wanna do yet, I'll start thinking about it once school starts.

Talking about my summer... well it was a good one even though not the best one since I had a few weeks of me feeling quite sick. I went to the seaside in June, then I went to Switzerland and met Esther and Lianne and after that I spent a week with my friend Eleonora in my house in Abruzzo.

As promised, here's a pic of me with my new hair color and here's a pic of me and Eleonora in mid-august.
That's all for now, I'll write something again soon.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

- Haopy birthday Shania!

As I said yesterday, this entry was going to be special, and it is, since today Shania turns 43 years old! I wanna wish her a great day with all the people she loves. She's going through a difficult time right now, but I know this will only make her an even stronger woman. I wish her all the best for the future and may all her dreams come true. We, fans, miss her a lot and we're looking forward to have her back with us.

I'm gonna hold on, cause what I believe in is so

no matter how long, no one,
can tell me I'm wrong

I ain't
goin' down..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

- Brunette again

Well, after 3 years of being blond, I'm back to my natural colour. I planned to go to the hairdresser's just to cut my hair a bit but then I added something extra, and so I now find myself a brunette again. It feels so weird, really weird, to look at myself in the mirror and not see my old hair anymore. I actually wanted to cut my hair just a bit, but the hairdresser's didn't really listen to me and cut a lot more than what I wanted. That's okay... in a few months I'll have my old long hair again.

I don't know if I like it the way it is now but changing is good sometimes. I'll take a picture tomorrow and I will post it here for you to see and judge lol! I'm looking forward to hear your comments. Plus, tomorrow there will be a special entry... you'll see why ;)


Friday, August 22, 2008

- Quite some time

It's been a while since I last updated this blog and I'm sorry that I didn't post the Swiss review as promised, but I will when I get back home in Rome. I'm still in my house in Abruzzo, but not for long, I'm going back next Friday. I feel so sad because school is getting closer, but at the same time I'm so excited because it's going to be my last year of high school!

I also got a bit worried during the past few weeks. I was always feeling weak, I had a strange feeling of having nothing in my head and plus for a week I had a pain in the back of my head/neck that really hurt! I did a blood test but everything's great, so I guess I must be stressed... you know all the stress I had during the year came out when I started to relax. I'm still a bit worried because it's a bad feeling but now I'm doing better and trying not to think about it too often.

But during the last week I also had a lot of fun, because my Italian Shania friend Eleonora came over at my house in Abruzzo for a week and we had so much fun. The weather was great and time flew by!

I guess it's all for now, I'll write something soon before leaving for Rome.


Thursday, August 07, 2008

- Just a few more hours

Time just flew by, it seems like yesterday I arrived here and here I am packing my luggage again. We're going back to Italy on Saturday right after lunch and our first stop is Aosta where we're sleeping for one night and on Sunday we're going to our house in Abruzzo. My vacations are going by so fast and in a few I'll be back in school. Fortunately, it's my last year of high school! Although my next summer vacations won't be so long since I'll have my last exams and I'll finish school around early july.. oh God I don't even wanna think about that!

I just put all the pics I took here this year on my livespace on MSN and some of them were posted on my blog, too. In the next few days I'll write a review of my two weeks here. I'll add some pics you haven't seen yet as well.


Sunday, August 03, 2008

- Trip # 2

Hi there everyone! Today, it was a beautiful day, I think the most beautiful day since we arrived here. Sun, hot, not even a cloud and so many people around. Unfortunately, my holiday here is almost over... there are few days left and I already miss this place. But the thing that's making me feel less sad is that I can come here everytime I want since it's not that far from where I live.

This morning, we went to Gstaad, a very well known place in Europe because of it's mountains and the chances of skiing so well. It looks beautiful! No big houses, no flats or nothing that would remind you of a big city... only cottages and cows, many cows LOL.
I'm not a big fan of small villages, or better, I like them but I would live there since I'm too used and too in love with big cities, but here, even the smallest village is like a small city... you can find everything. I took some pics that I wanna show you and as always I suggest you to open the pics in a new window.

Gstaad 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Friday, August 01, 2008

- National day

Today, August 1st, it's Switzerland day over here! They celebrate the day Switzerland was born and as every year I saw the amazing the fireworks they do, but I didn't get to see the party during the day because we went visiting another city here in Switzerland called Fribourg. Unfortunately the weather was quite bad, cloudy and we had a bit of rain as well. Thank God, everything stopped just in time to see the fireworks!


Monday, July 28, 2008

- Pics from Bern

As promised, here are the pics I took in the beautiful Bern. I suggest you to open all the pics in a new window. I hope you'll like them!

- Train station
- Casino
- Aare river 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
- Church 1 2
- Parliament
- The clock
- City 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Sunday, July 27, 2008


Today we spent a real great Sunday. This morning we took our car and went to Bern, about 80 km from Montreux. My mom went there many times already in her life and since she really liked it she wanted me to see it, too. She told me to visit Bern for years so we actually thought of going all there together. I think Bern is just great, not too big, clean, elegant and really beautiful! It looked like a small ancient city but at the same time full of expensive shops and many people. We brought our lunch with us and we ate in an amazing garden that overlooked the city and where we could see so well the river called Aare. I took some pics that I will post soon. I really liked this trip and on the way back to Montreux we saw Neuchatel, another lake, and Yverdon-Les-Bains. The weather was nice, quite hot and it was great. Next stop, Fribourg on Sunday!


Saturday, July 26, 2008

- First post

Hi all. I have a new blog, well actually two new blogs: an italian, and an english one. I'll try to update it often even though sometimes it may happen I can't because I'm too busy studying or I simply forget hehe. I'm starting this blog from Switzerland, from the beautiful city of Montreux, so I wanna send you all Swiss hugs!