Friday, August 29, 2008

- Back home

I'm back home in Rome, so I can officially say that my summer is over, or better, almost! I have only 2 more weeks left before school starts again. This summer flew by, maybe even more than the other ones. I can't believe I have to get ready to study again until July. This year is my last year of high school and I'll have to study a lot more for my final exams that are in June/July. That also means my summer will start later than usual but it'll be a lot more great since I'll be out of school forever! Wow, it feels so weird to say forever... but that's true, I won't go to school anymore. I don't know what I wanna do yet, I'll start thinking about it once school starts.

Talking about my summer... well it was a good one even though not the best one since I had a few weeks of me feeling quite sick. I went to the seaside in June, then I went to Switzerland and met Esther and Lianne and after that I spent a week with my friend Eleonora in my house in Abruzzo.

As promised, here's a pic of me with my new hair color and here's a pic of me and Eleonora in mid-august.
That's all for now, I'll write something again soon.


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Anonymous said...

Glad you're back home....have fun at the quiz;)