Sunday, July 27, 2008


Today we spent a real great Sunday. This morning we took our car and went to Bern, about 80 km from Montreux. My mom went there many times already in her life and since she really liked it she wanted me to see it, too. She told me to visit Bern for years so we actually thought of going all there together. I think Bern is just great, not too big, clean, elegant and really beautiful! It looked like a small ancient city but at the same time full of expensive shops and many people. We brought our lunch with us and we ate in an amazing garden that overlooked the city and where we could see so well the river called Aare. I took some pics that I will post soon. I really liked this trip and on the way back to Montreux we saw Neuchatel, another lake, and Yverdon-Les-Bains. The weather was nice, quite hot and it was great. Next stop, Fribourg on Sunday!


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sevengup said...

Bern sounds like a great place Rita....going to check out the pictures now. :D