Thursday, August 07, 2008

- Just a few more hours

Time just flew by, it seems like yesterday I arrived here and here I am packing my luggage again. We're going back to Italy on Saturday right after lunch and our first stop is Aosta where we're sleeping for one night and on Sunday we're going to our house in Abruzzo. My vacations are going by so fast and in a few I'll be back in school. Fortunately, it's my last year of high school! Although my next summer vacations won't be so long since I'll have my last exams and I'll finish school around early july.. oh God I don't even wanna think about that!

I just put all the pics I took here this year on my livespace on MSN and some of them were posted on my blog, too. In the next few days I'll write a review of my two weeks here. I'll add some pics you haven't seen yet as well.


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Anonymous said...

Have a good trip back home to you when you get there.

Thanks for all the updates and pictures, they're great:D

Love, Robert xoxo