Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I'd like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas! I hope it's a great one. We had to spend the day with the relatives but unfortunately my mom has flu so we're stuck at home, just my parents and I. We had a great lunch and just enjoying the day together though. I told you I would be writing about all that's happened in 2008 so here you go. Honestly, I wanna forget about this terrible year because so many sad things happened, starting with Shania & Mutt splitting up after 14 years of marriage and ending with my uncle who had to be operated because they suspected a cancer. The schoolyear went great though and the summer was a good one. I finally met again with Esther and I'm so happy about that, she's a special girl. I was able to spend a week with my friend Eleonora in my house in Abruzzo and we had a great time. I also got through a difficult time since I had some health problems because of stress. These were the main things but of course there have been so many little things in between.
So, after thinking again about this year I so hope next year will be better and happier.

I bet this was my last post for this year since I'll post again on the 1st of January. I'm leaving for Switzerland on Saturday morning and I'll write something from there for the new year.

Love, Rita

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