Saturday, September 06, 2008

- Tough decision

My birthday is in two months and this year I want to get me a new camera. The one I have is 3 years old but I'll give that to my dad and get a new for me. I don't know what to get, because I want something not too expensive but that makes beautiful pictures, especially on concert. I looked around and asked some friends and there's a camera that's not expensive, really good and that I really like. It is a 'Sony Cyber-Shot DSC W55'. It looks really cute, too as I'm planning to get the pink one. During the next week I'll go ask around about it and if I get good reviews, well this is it.

I can't spend too much on a camera because I'm starting to save up money, but still I wanna get a good one. If you're all wondering what camera I'm talking about, well here and here you can find two pictures of it. Now I have to go, gonna take a quick shower and then I'm gonna get ready to see Italy vs. Cyprus.


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Kyle said...

It looks like a nice cameria!