Tuesday, September 09, 2008

- Summer is gone

What a great time I had today at the seaside. The weather was really hot, no clouds and the water was really nice and warm. I never wanted this day to end. Before going to the seaside in the morning I went looking for my car and I finally chose which one I want. It's a Toyota Aygo Sound and it looks really nice. Next week I'm gonna pay for it and in a month I'll have my own car! It feels so great, a brand new car for me only lol

Tomorrow I'm going out with a friend of mine. We're going out for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and then we're gonna have a walk around Rome. We'll really enjoy our day together because we have only 2 more days off. I have a double feeling. I feel like I'm totally ready to start but at the same time I'm not, maybe because I'm lazy when it comes to school...

Well anyway, I will keep you guys updated and soon I'll post some pics I took today and the pics I'll take tomorrow.


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Des B said...

Good luck with the new car, take it easy behind the wheel too sweetie.
Sadly I had to sell my car recently, but I'll get another one when I get my money problems sorted.

Take care Rita.