Friday, September 12, 2008

- Back to school

Today I started my last year of high school and it felt so great! When I arrived to school everyone was looking at me and my friends because we're now the oldest people there. We had only 3 hours of lesson today and tomorrow only 4 hours... that's because it is still so hot over here! I had to do some homework already so I totally got back to the old life...

But today I'm really happy because a friend of mine came to me during the break and gave me two bottles of Shania Starlight! He went to New York during the summer and since he knows I'm a huge Shania fan he bought them as a present from there. I was sooo happy because I already have the first one and I really wanted to have this one, too. I took a
pic of it if you wanna see it ;)

At school we're already talking about the trip we're gonna have this winter... and there are so many different ideas! Some people wanna go to Paris, others wanna go to Athens and so on... and it is so difficult to choose a place that can be okay for everyone! Plus, being the oldest we are the ones who decide where the school is going this year and we really don't know what to choose.



Kyle said...

That is awesome that you now have Shania Starlight! Also, I am sure where ever your class picks to go it will be great!

Annette said...

Wow! That was so nice of your friend to bring you those two bottles:D

Sounds cool about the trip...may I suggest Denmark? :p Nah, I hope you find a place you can all agree on ;)