Sunday, August 03, 2008

- Trip # 2

Hi there everyone! Today, it was a beautiful day, I think the most beautiful day since we arrived here. Sun, hot, not even a cloud and so many people around. Unfortunately, my holiday here is almost over... there are few days left and I already miss this place. But the thing that's making me feel less sad is that I can come here everytime I want since it's not that far from where I live.

This morning, we went to Gstaad, a very well known place in Europe because of it's mountains and the chances of skiing so well. It looks beautiful! No big houses, no flats or nothing that would remind you of a big city... only cottages and cows, many cows LOL.
I'm not a big fan of small villages, or better, I like them but I would live there since I'm too used and too in love with big cities, but here, even the smallest village is like a small city... you can find everything. I took some pics that I wanna show you and as always I suggest you to open the pics in a new window.

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Anonymous said...

Those are some great pics, Rita! You really have a great touch for taking photographs, they're amazing! Well done, and keep informing us on your great trip!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures of the mountains, trees, the grass...everything is stunning!!

Thanks for sharing it all!!

Love you Rita,

Robert xoxo